To-do lists make the world go round

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Project : 100 Days of Happy

There’s nothing I love more than solidly completing tasks. Checking things off the list. Ideally in an organized, tangible way. 

My friend proposed that we embark on a “project” together, wherein we each take a photo every day of things that make us happy - for 100 days (Inspired by this). This appealed greatly to my tendencies as mentioned above. 100 days from today will be July 18, 2014. So here we go!

DAY 1: I seared steak and then finished it in the broiler…and then roasted broccoli that had been tossed in olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. (Sidenote: I have a suspicion a great portion of my posts will be food-related…)

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Cats would not make so bold a show of revulsion, yet we, as cat owners (a term that belongs to the theater of the absurd, as both parties are aware), are wearily mindful of the gambits by which superiority is vaunted: the courteous sniff that precedes the refusal of food; the glowering retreat to an aerie, in the opposite corner of the room; the turning of the tail. Dog lovers—and such beings do exist—derive much joy from their Dobermans, their quaking Chihuahuas, and everything in between, and we should not begrudge them that delight; to be ceaselessly gratified by one’s pet, however, and to find one’s love returned with interest, on all occasions, is bad education for the soul. Cat people, on the other hand, know what it is to be adored and then rejected, with no explanation, in the space of a single minute, with the purr switched off like an alarm clock. They know, like Powers’s priests, Father Burner included, that the world is a treacherous vale, undeserving of our trust, and that to be humbled, if only by a dish of untouched ham, is the beginning of wisdom. Blessed are the cat-mad, for they shall be driven up the wall.

Foreword to “The Big New Yorker Book of Cats

Happy National Cat Day.